Australasian Birdfair

Australasian Bird Fair postponement

Due to extenuating circumstances we have fallen behind our self imposed deadline for the start of exhibitor registrations for the 2016 Australasian Bird Fair by two months, which we had promised would commence at least 12 months before the date set for the 2016 event.

The long lead up time is essential for tour and resort operators and many other businesses to lock in calendar bookings and resources required for the event. We are also now on the eve of the festive season and the long holiday periods, which will effectively set back many participants another four to six weeks.

After a full review of the situation we have decided to abandon attempts to run the 2016 Australasian Bird Fair and will decide in March 2016 any arrangements for the event in 2017. I know that a great many people will be disappointed by the decision and it was not taken lightly. However, we feel that a postponement is in the best interests for the future success of the Australasian Bird Fair and all concerned.

The Australasian Bird Fair instigator and General Manager will not be sitting idle but is committed to working with BirdLife partners in other ways towards the conservation of our threatened species in the Pacific region and along the East Asian Australasian Flyway. Both areas under severe threat.

We welcome any feedback from any of you regarding a future event.

Best regards,

Phil Straw